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NIGP Consulting


Due to hurricane Sandy, our ip telephone provider is experiencing some outages. If you are having difficulty contacting NIGP Code Services by phone, please email dhail@nigp.com for assistance. Thank you.

Don’t have the time for NIGP Code Conversions…we do!!!

What is Code Conversion?

The NIGP Commodity/Services Code is a standardized coding structure that provides a tracking tool to make the following business processes easier: 

  • Registering and maintaining your vendor files,
  • Capturing purchase history,
  • Generating key business indicator reports,
  • Tracking your inventory, and
  • Creating cooperative purchasing opportunities.

Whether you license the 5-Digit, 7-Digit, or 11-Digit Code, you may need assistance in converting your vendor files, term contracts, and/or inventory to the NIGP Code at the appropriate levels.  This code conversion process takes time and resources to complete. Periscope can help!  Our staff of NIGP Coding specialists is available to provide Code Conversion Services to you for the NIGP Code at all levels.

We will review and analyze your current data, checking for spelling/grammar errors, standardizing the code in an alpha numeric order and identifying duplicates. We will then assign a new or existing NIGP Code for each item and return the data to you. The codes will also be pushed out to our online “Living Code” for your use. From there you can view and/or download the codes into your purchasing software.

Contact Deborah Hail dhail@nigp.com to find out more about Periscope’s Coding Services.

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