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Periscope Goes Live with Buy4Michigan

Austin, TX, August 21, 2013 – The State of Michigan’s new BuySpeed eProcurement system, also known as Buy4Michigan, was launched on Wednesday, May 29. As part of the statewide transition to a complete procure-to-pay process from their existing system Bid4Michigan, Phase One of the implementation provides functionality that effectively aids in vendor registration and management of solicitations and awards.

The procurement transformation goals of Michigan leadership outlined the development of cooperative procurement among public entities across the state as a strategy to achieve savings. The cooperative procurement approach allows local organizations, political subdivisions, and schools to use the eProcurement system to manage their procurement processes. By utilizing BuySpeed with this approach, the state is expected to gain a widespread reduction in costs and help alleviate budget shortfalls.

Throughout the course of implementation, the Periscope team loaded over 30 state agencies and more than 380 local cooperative purchasing (MiDEAL) members, Michigan public schools, universities, and community colleges in Buy4Michigan. The state has now begun the ongoing process of training the software users from the cooperative purchasing organizations and gathering and training additional organizations.

Within 10 business days of the eProcurement system going live, over 400 purchasers and trainers from the over 30 state agencies were established in Buy4Michigan to conduct new solicitations. Over 200 additional users from cooperative purchasing organizations are preparing for upcoming training sessions being scheduled by the state. Further, Michigan has registered approximately 10,300 vendors, constituting over 12,000 additional system users. To date, more than 40 solicitations have been submitted by state agencies, three of which have already resulted in award recommendations.

“The state of Michigan endeavors to streamline our processes and enhance transparency to discover opportunities for savings,” said Jeff Brownlee, Michigan’s Chief Procurement Officer. “Periscope has delivered a quality eProcurement system that we anticipate will enable major strides in advancing the efficiency of our procurement processes for years to come.”

“We want to thank the state of Michigan and our implementation partner, Compuware, Inc., for a successful launch of the first phase of the Buy4Michigan solution,” said Brian Utley, Periscope’s President and CEO. “Jeff and his staff are setting a great example for governments looking to step up and transform the way they do business.”

Phase Two of the project will integrate Buy4Michigan with Michigan’s state financial system and will entail a statewide rollout of requisitions and approval capabilities, contract ordering and purchasing functionality, and receiving and invoicing interfaces. The second phase is currently in the design and development stages and is projected to launch in 2014.


Periscope Holdings, Inc. (www.periscopeholdings.com) is a privately-held technology company headquartered in Austin, Texas.  Periscope works with public entities to achieve best practices in procurement through its comprehensive software solution BuySpeed and consulting services.  

Periscope eradicates waste in procurement delivering time and money-saving results for more than 100,000 users in the United States and Canada.  BuySpeed customers include the states of Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, and New Jersey; the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Baltimore, New Orleans and Tucson; the counties of Harris, Knox, and San Bernardino, as well as Virginia Beach Public Schools, Alaska Department of Transportation and the Washington Convention Center and Sports Authority.

Periscope also holds the exclusive license to maintain, enhance and market the NIGP Commodity/Services Code on behalf of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc. (www.nigp.org), and oversees management of the NIGP Consulting program.

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Periscope Congratulates NIGP Consultant on National Honor Received at Forum

Periscope would like to congratulate Terry McKee, Purchasing Manager for the Knoxville Community Development Corporation, on the recent honor he received at the 2013 NIGP Forum in Orlando, Florida. McKee was one of three individuals selected by the NIGP for the “Spirit of the NIGP” award, which is presented to public procurement professionals across the country who demonstrate leadership, service, and dedication to the purchasing profession. McKee was commended for maintaining an integral role in growing the organization and for consistently upholding strong ethical standards in his work.

Aside from his position at the KCDC, Terry McKee has been a part of the NIGP Consulting Program since 1995. The NIGP Consulting Program, which Periscope proudly manages, develops, and promotes on behalf of the NIGP, aligns business practices to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness through various consulting services, like procurement reviews, business process reviews, strategic planning, policy review and development, and resource assessments. McKee serves as a key example of the highly ethical and distinguished professionals that are the driving force behind the program’s success. Our award-winning, industry-leading consultants, like McKee, possess a wealth of knowledge and experience as certified public procurement professionals who have served as Manager, Director or Purchasing Agent of at least on public purchasing agency and have an average of 18 years of experience. The program’s project offerings include, but are not limited to recommendations and reviews around organization and staffing, reporting and forecasting, benchmarking and best practices, performance evaluation, purchasing policies and procedures, and project management.

For more information about the NIGP Consulting Program, please contact Matt Walker at mwalker@nigp.com or 512-666-9405. To view the full article published by the Knoxville Daily Sun, please click here.

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