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NASPO Releases Top 10 Focus Areas for State Procurement

This week the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) released its Top 10 Focus Areas for State Procurement in 2015. These priorities dovetail nicely into the purpose-based procurement that @PeriscopeHldgs advocates: which is to eradicate waste and maximize the value of every dollar spent with procurement transformation solutions and services. The highest priority area for state procurement officials is procurement reform and the re-engineering of procurement processes, followed by greater procurement oversight and measuring success of their State’s procurement efforts.

The NASPO top 10 ranking of state procurement focus areas reflects the collective voice of State Central Procurement Officers who voted on their top 10 priorities, based on the relevance and existing or anticipated impact on state procurement policies in their respective state. The list of 2015 priorities can be found on the NASPO website at: http://www.naspo.org/dnn/ResearchPublications/WhitePapersIssueBriefs.aspx Contact info@nigp.com to see how we can help align your organization with these focus areas.

NASPO’s Newly Released Practice Guide for State and Local Government

NASPO’s newly released Practice Guide for State and Local Government includes a new chapter on eProcurement systems in state government. In reading the text, it references the point that the implementation of eProcurement systems involves classic change management challenges. It further notes that the implementation of Arizona’s Procure AZ (powered by BuySpeed) and supported by Periscope Holdings “is one of the most recent successful implementations”. Arizona identified an urgent need for change with a $1.4 billion budget deficit and a strategy to transform procurement with an eProcurement initiative. “Key performance metrics were developed prior to implementation and post go-live to clearly communicate the operational benefits ranging from reduced costs averaging 26% to reduced cycle times for key processes – requisition processing was 42.5% less time, purchase order/contract processing was 46% less time, and open marketing, one-time buy cycle time was 34% less time.” With public procurement being half policy and half process – improvement requires the strategic execution of procurement technology to support the limited available personnel resources to remain efficient and cost effective in these demanding times.

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