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NIGP Code, 7-Digit Commodity Code Update

Thank you for your support and use of the NIGP Commodity Code (NIGP Code).  Periscope Holdings, Inc.  (Periscope) values the public procurement profession and our customers. We continue to enhance and update the NIGP Code to ensure its relevancy and evolution in support of current public procurement business practices.

During 2015, Periscope embarked on an update of the 5-digit NIGP Code with grammatical and spelling modifications, movement and consolidations of commodity codes, and the deletion of some outdated commodity codes. This update and “touch” of every 9,138 5-digit commodity codes directly impacted 3,081 commodity codes.

With our continued efforts during 2016, we embarked upon a similar update for the 7-digit NIGP Code; representing a total population of 39,841 commodity codes.  We again reviewed commodity codes for consistency, grammar and spelling, and processed 8,175 commodity code changes.  Additionally, a total of 129 commodity codes were removed from the Master File, based on outdated language or when specific agency language was included rather than a “generic” description.   Lastly, 10 7-digit commodity codes will be moved along with their corresponding 11-Digit commodity codes to more appropriate classes, with the change taking effect January 3, 2017.

The grammatical, spelling and commodity code deletions have been implemented and when downloading the 7-Digit NIGP Code today they are included.  The commodity code moves will be effective and ready for download on January 3, 2017.  The attached chart provides a summary of the deleted codes and the commodity codes scheduled to be moved and relocated.

Again, thank you for your continued use and support of the NIGP Code. We are available to answer any questions that may arise and can be reached at nigp-support@nigp.com.

Moved and Deleted NIGP Commodity Codes – January 1, 2017

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