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NIGP Code Replaces NAICS at Tampa International Airport

“NIGP Code helps Tampa International Airport streamline supplier registration and notifications – not to mention track our suppliers and spend better.”

-Connie Mundzak, CPPO, CPPB / Tampa International Airport / Sr. Manager, Procurement

NIGP Code Replaces NAICS for Better Supplier Registration & Tracking

Tampa International Airport moved from NAICS to NIGP Code when expanding their ePro system to include supplier self-registration.  Suppliers are now required to select an NIGP Code to have a registration completed. The Codes are then used to determine notifications to suppliers.

NIGP allows for improved reporting at Tampa International Airport, including information by supplier, PO number, PO description, PO amount, and commodity code. “We’re looking forward to expanding our data analytics and reporting thru the Code to gain even more information on supplier registrations and spend,” said Mundzak.

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