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NIGP Consulting


Spar X Conference

Today, March 12, 2015 during NIGP’s 1st SparX Conference, in Tampa, FL the innovative idea sharing was explosive- ranging from the use of Pcards on multi-million dollar construction contracts to the creation of purchasing mouse pads. The City of Fort St. Lucie, FL implemented the use of Pcards as their primary method of payment for major construction contracts several years ago. This innovate approach as allowed the City to realize hard dollar savings while also increasing the level of available competition.

A procurement “cheat sheet” mouse pad that quickly summarizes the procurement thresholds was created by Sound Transit, WA to provide internal clients a quick reference guide of the entity’s procurement requirements. It’s a rather simple, but extremely effective procurement communication tool to keep the procurement rules visible and close at hand while also combatting the notion of “out of sight – out of mind”.

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