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Improve Buyer-Seller Relationships

Whether you are a procurement professional or a supplier for the public sector, it is necessary to have a strong relationship with your counterpart.  The NIGP Business Council, of which Periscope Holdings is a member, authored the Healthy Supplier Relationship Guide in support of NIGP and the public procurement profession by the sharing of resources and collaboration of expertise. The Healthy Supplier Relationship Guide provides best practice ideas and practices for both procurement practitioners and suppliers to improve and elevate the value and effectiveness of buyer-seller relationships. The Guide focuses on three key components of the procurement cycle; non-contract relations and activities, competitive solicitation activities, and contract holder interactions.  Such concepts as development of a communications plan, market survey development and completion, conduct of procurement fairs, and award de-briefings with unsuccessful offerors are just some of the tangible, practical ideas that can be put into action.

Take some time to read the Healthy Supplier Relationship to improve your procurement or selling practices in the public sector.

Healthy Supplier Relationship Guide

And How the Code Grows

Last week, we read that Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto issued an Executive Order to improve the budget controls and transparency of city funds by employing strategies provided by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP).  It’s a great testimony to the caliber of the NIGP Consulting Program as well as other NIGP offerings.  One key strategic product offering by NIGP is the NIGP Commodity/Services Code (Code), which consistently grows and provides real value.

In 2014, the NIGP Code grew in both new subscribers and in the creation of new master items.  This trend has continued throughout 2015.  In February, NIGP members and current NIGP Code License Holders embarked upon a comprehensive review and update of the NIGP Code.  The project consisted of 52 public procurement professionals who analyzed all 9,138 active 5-digit codes.  Their efforts realized the development of over 1100 comments for potential language/description adjustments, removal of outdated codes, movement of codes into different Classes or potential code consolidations.

And, let’s not forget that the NIGP code is updated monthly for the 3- and 5-digit versions, and daily for the 7- and 11-digit versions.  Standard updates like this and comprehensive reviews like the one above are a few of the many reasons the Code continues to grow, fueling public procurement excellence.

Spar X Conference

Today, March 12, 2015 during NIGP’s 1st SparX Conference, in Tampa, FL the innovative idea sharing was explosive- ranging from the use of Pcards on multi-million dollar construction contracts to the creation of purchasing mouse pads. The City of Fort St. Lucie, FL implemented the use of Pcards as their primary method of payment for major construction contracts several years ago. This innovate approach as allowed the City to realize hard dollar savings while also increasing the level of available competition.

A procurement “cheat sheet” mouse pad that quickly summarizes the procurement thresholds was created by Sound Transit, WA to provide internal clients a quick reference guide of the entity’s procurement requirements. It’s a rather simple, but extremely effective procurement communication tool to keep the procurement rules visible and close at hand while also combatting the notion of “out of sight – out of mind”.

Introducing NIGP Code News

We are excited to introduce NIGP Code News, our new quarterly email newsletter for NIGP Code users! We created NIGP Code News for YOU, our loyal Code users! This quarterly newsletter will include important information about the Code, a tip for getting the most from the Code, and a message from the President of NIGP Code & Consulting, Matt Walker.

Please let us know how we can make NIGP Code News valuable for you! Share your ideas in the comments section or email us. We are committed to meeting your needs and providing information that well help you to maximize your use of the NIGP Code.

Announcing the New NIGP Code Nsite Community

Attention NIGP Code Users and others who are interested in learning more about the NIGP Code…an Nsite community has been created just for you! Nsite is the NIGP online community developed exclusively for NIGP members.

Here’s your opportunity to connect with other Code users, share best practices, get ideas on how to leverage the Code, or just learn more about the NIGP Code and how it can work for you.

Join the NIGP Code Nsite Community Today

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