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Periscope Included Among “Best-Known Vendors” in Public Procurement

New Report By Gartner Discusses Modern State and Local Procurement, Highlights Established Market Leaders

  • Periscope Holdings, Inc. today announced that Gartner, Inc. recognized the company in a report titled “Procurement Technology Guide for U.S. State and Local Government Agencies.”
  • Periscope is one of four vendors that Gartner recognizes as having “assembled extensive and cohesive enough suites to merit consideration as solicitation-to-settle providers” in the state and local procurement industry.
  • Periscope’s product portfolio is equipped to assist in budgeting, encumbrance, shopping carts, e-catalog management, and elaborate approval processes. Its software also enables users to issue shared contracts from which other public entities can purchase.
  • Periscope has a recent history of awards earned after successfully implementing an e-procurement project with the State of Arizona to carry out the company’s purpose of eradicating waste to maximize value. These honors include the 2011 NIGP Innovation Award, the Best Fit Integrator Award from the Center of Digital Government, and the 2012 Bronze Cronin Award from the National Association of State Procurement Officials.
  • Periscope is strongly dedicated to customer satisfaction and President and CEO Brian Utley often extends his personable help to clients and maintains interaction with them.

Periscope’s BuySpeed Solution

  • BuySpeed offers complete strategic sourcing, e-procurement and P2P or “procure-to-pay” capabilities.  Capabilities include online vendor registration, requisitions, bids/quotes, contract management, reverse auctions, P-cards, punchouts, receiving and inventory control.
  • Orders can be received in a distributed environment and paid through seamless integration with most existing accounting or financial systems.
  • BuySpeed helps organizations of all sizes enable transparency and streamline processes, reducing purchasing costs, buying cycle, and the overall cost of goods and services.
  • For more information about the BuySpeed solution, please visit www.buyspeed.com.

Supporting Quotes

  • “We at Periscope are always looking for ways to strengthen our solution’s functionality and increase the value of investment for our customers. Periscope is pleased to be recognized by Gartner with respect to our capabilities,” says Brian Utley, President and CEO of Periscope Holdings, Inc.  “We strive for continuous improvement and innovation by working closely with our current BuySpeed customers as well as meeting the challenges outlined in the Gartner reports.“

Supporting Resources

Analyst Report
Gartner reports are available to Gartner clients at www.gartner.comProcurement Technology Guide for U.S. State and Local Government Agencies, 2013 is the latest report (ID Number: G00246710).

Of the analysis, Gartner says, “Procurement technology is rapidly evolving, driven by advances in mobile device support, ease of use, data model flexibility, multienterprise process enablement and analytics. Modern procurement platforms allow organizations to do things they could not otherwise do in a practical way, such as run a reverse auction, systematically analyze spending and post online contracts that multiple agencies can use. The result is clear — agencies that use a modern procurement platform are far more effective in achieving spend-related goals than those relying on manual processes or basic purchase order systems

Challenged to cut spending, improve efficiency and create new jobs, U.S. states, cities, counties, school districts, utilities and commissions are embracing modern procurement technology as a key enabler. Evidence of this surge in interest is the numerous state platform deals that have closed in the past 12 months. Moreover, Gartner’s volume of inquiries from U.S. state and local government agencies on this subject more than doubled from 2011 to 2012.

This guide covers what Gartner has learned that states and agencies need to know to successfully invest in procurement technology: How to build a business case, how to make program architectural decisions on issues such as delivery mode and funding model, how to select a vendor, how measure program performance.”


Periscope Holdings, Inc. (www.periscopeholdings.com) is a privately held technology company headquartered in Austin, Texas.  Periscope focuses on working with public entities and private companies to achieve best practices in procurement through comprehensive software solutions and consulting services.  Every day Periscope delivers time- and money-saving results for more than 100,000 users throughout the United States.

BuySpeed (www.buyspeed.com) customers include the states of Arizona, Michigan and New Jersey, the counties of Kern and San Bernardino, the cities of Baltimore and New Orleans, Virginia Beach Public Schools, Alaska Department of Transportation and Chicago Housing Authority. Periscope also holds the exclusive license to maintain, enhance and market the NIGP Commodity/Services Code on behalf of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc. (www.nigp.org).

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