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Leading Procurement Practitioner Takes on New Role in NIGP Consulting Program

Austin, TX, February 27, 2014 – Matt Walker, President of NIGP Code and NIGP Consulting Services, announced today that Jean Clark, FNIGP, CPPO, C.P.M., CPPB, CPM, will join NIGP Consulting as its Director of Procurement Transformation Services, effective March 5, 2014.

Clark has been brought on to assume the responsibilities of coordinating, managing, and further expanding the NIGP Consulting program and finding additional avenues to promote its services to public procurement entities. Additionally, she will oversee consultant development and evaluation, quality assurance, and financial management of the program, while participating in project preparation, consultant assignment, and marketing efforts.

“My ongoing mission as a procurement professional is to assist public sector organizations in achieving enhanced efficiency and transparency through procurement operations,” said Clark. “I look forward to continuing fulfillment of this objective through my relationship with NIGP, and I’m thrilled to join the consulting team and have this opportunity to strengthen the program and maximize the effectiveness of its services.”

Clark holds over 30 years of experience in state and local government procurement. Her extensive background covers a broad spectrum of procurement reform services, including inventory management, system automation and implementation, project management, policies and procedures, organizational dynamics, strategic planning, and staff development and leadership. She served as the Chief Procurement Officer at the Arizona State Procurement Office for 10 years before retiring in early 2014.

Other career highlights include a current position as Treasurer of the Universal Public Procurement Certification Council. In 2012, Clark was named Government Public Policy Leader of the Year by the Arizona Capitol Times and earned NIGP’s premier honor to receive the Albert H. Hall Award. Clark was further recognized for her agency’s transformation of procurement practices, garnering the 2011 NIGP Innovation Award for her hard work and support in revolutionizing procurement. Her procurement leadership is further reflected through her former positions as President of the NIGP Board of Directors and President of the National Electronic Commerce Council Board of Directors.

“We at NIGP Consulting understand the unique challenges faced by public entities and are passionate about improving processes and driving cost savings through procurement transformation,” said Walker. “I am confident that having Jean Clark in this new role will play an integral part in achieving the continued growth of this program. She is a true leader in the industry, and we are excited and lucky to have her join us.”


The NIGP Consulting Program (www.nigp.com) is proven to align business practices to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness of procurement operations in the public sector. It provides knowledgeable consulting on procurement strategy, organizational structure and issues, relevant benchmarking, process reviews, and best practices identification. Services include procurement reviews, business process reviews, strategic planning, policy review and development, and organizational/resource assessments.

The program offers an unparalleled level of expertise in the procurement industry. All consultants are certified public procurement professionals and possess an abundance of knowledge and leadership experience through direct roles in procurement. Key NIGP Consulting offerings include reviews and recommendations around: Enabling legislation, organization and staffing, management reporting and forecasting, interdepartmental relationships, benchmarking and best practices, performance evaluation, purchasing policies and procedures, records management, purchasing system/technology preparedness, and project management.

NIGP Consulting clients include the State of Arkansas, the cities of San Antonio, Palo Alto, and North Miami Beach, the counties of Sarasota, Milwaukee, and Lee, the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, and the Austin Independent School District.

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Periscope Congratulates NIGP Consultant on National Honor Received at Forum

Periscope would like to congratulate Terry McKee, Purchasing Manager for the Knoxville Community Development Corporation, on the recent honor he received at the 2013 NIGP Forum in Orlando, Florida. McKee was one of three individuals selected by the NIGP for the “Spirit of the NIGP” award, which is presented to public procurement professionals across the country who demonstrate leadership, service, and dedication to the purchasing profession. McKee was commended for maintaining an integral role in growing the organization and for consistently upholding strong ethical standards in his work.

Aside from his position at the KCDC, Terry McKee has been a part of the NIGP Consulting Program since 1995. The NIGP Consulting Program, which Periscope proudly manages, develops, and promotes on behalf of the NIGP, aligns business practices to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness through various consulting services, like procurement reviews, business process reviews, strategic planning, policy review and development, and resource assessments. McKee serves as a key example of the highly ethical and distinguished professionals that are the driving force behind the program’s success. Our award-winning, industry-leading consultants, like McKee, possess a wealth of knowledge and experience as certified public procurement professionals who have served as Manager, Director or Purchasing Agent of at least on public purchasing agency and have an average of 18 years of experience. The program’s project offerings include, but are not limited to recommendations and reviews around organization and staffing, reporting and forecasting, benchmarking and best practices, performance evaluation, purchasing policies and procedures, and project management.

For more information about the NIGP Consulting Program, please contact Matt Walker at mwalker@nigp.com or 512-666-9405. To view the full article published by the Knoxville Daily Sun, please click here.

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